We have a unique hybrid group/individual piano lesson program for younger beginners and near-beginners that we call Bright Starts. Through this unusual program, we seek to provide students with the benefits of both group and private instruction. Most students begin the first-year class between the ages of 5 and 8. The second year and third years of the program includes a mix of both individual and group classes. At the end of the program, the student progresses to advancing study with the Individual program. The core premise of our Bright Starts program is that the path to achievement begins with enjoyment and discovery.
Typically our first-year classes begin in September of each year, but we do take transfer students into the program on a rolling basis.


Current students: please sign up online!
All of our individual youth piano students with 1+ years' experience participate in our Performance Workshop classes. These supplementary classes meet most Saturday afternoons during the school year plus other selected dates, and students choose which classes to attend through an online signup. The primary purpose of the classes is to practice performing for each other in a relaxed and supportive environment. We also devote class time to theory and ear training, critical listening and discussion, duet and ensemble work, improvisation, and music games. In addition to broadening students' education and gaining comfort in performance, most students enjoy the feeling of community that develops as they get to know and work with similarly interested youth.


In addition to our Bright Starts beginner program and our Performance Workshop groups, we also host open rehearsals for adults the last Sunday of most months.


We hold two youth and two adult recitals each year. We also host enrichment workhops during the Summer Session (see Summer Programs). In addition, there are usually a few master classes and rehearsal classes held during the school year.


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