It is the mission of the studio to provide all our students with a comprehensive music education, rooted in the performance of the traditional piano repertoire, that prepares them for a lifetime of music making, critical listening, and appreciation.

We start with the premise that performance achievement is rooted in enjoyment and is supported by a routine of productive at-home exploration. We believe that a serious and meaningful music education should be accessible to everyone: from the youngest beginners to the most advanced teens as well as adults of all levels. Anyone who possesses a love of music and a willingness to study the craft with interest and thoughtfulness can benefit from what we do.

We teach our students the necessary aural and technical skills to play the piano in a sophisticated and credible manner. We study varied repertoire, which typically includes jazz and contemporary styles in addition to classical repertoire. Over time, our students gain an appreciation of how the different genres that exist within our diverse musical culture relate to one another, both historically and musically. Our students become proficient music readers. Our students gain confidence and maturity as they share music through performance, including both in our own Studio recitals and classes as well as in community events. Students attain an understanding of music as part our received cultural heritage, and of their place in its perpetuation.

In short, we seek to prepare our students for a lifetime of music making and appreciation.