Current Openings

(last update: 11/13/2017) For your convenience, we've listed our current openings below but we always welcome inquiries from interested students, regardless of what today's openings are. Let's talk!


All classes are in progress. Bright Starts 1 (new beginner) classes started in mid-September.
WEDNESDAYS AT 4:45 Bright Starts 1 (beginners age 5-8 1/2) May be full; a waitlist is available.
SATURDAYS AT 9:30 Bright Starts 1 (beginners age 5-8) Full. A waitlist is available.
SATURDAYS AT 10:30 Bright Starts 2 (ages 6-9). Full. A waitlist is available.
SATURDAYS AT 11:45 Bright Starts 3 (ages 7-9). One slot left! A special opportunity for an experienced beginner (6 months to 2 1/2 years) to fill out their skills together with a community of interested peers!
Second and third year classes also include access to lower-cost supplementary individual lessons. Find out about our Bright Starts classes on the Programs of Study page.


MONDAYS AT 2:15 (Shirley Lam)
MONDAYS AT 8:00 (Shirley Lam)
TUESDAYS AT 2:00 (Michelle Madasamy)
TUESDAYS AT 2:00 (Shirley Lam)
TUESDAYS AT 3:15 (Michelle Madasamy)
THURSDAYS AT 2:00 (Michelle Madasamy)
THURSDAYS AT 2:30 (Shirley Lam)
THURSDAYS AT 3:30 (Michelle Madasamy)
THURSDAYS AT 4:00 (Shirley Lam)
THURSDAYS AT 8:00 (Shirley Lam)
FRIDAYS AT 3:45 and earlier (Valerio Pajon)
FRIDAYS AT 7:30 (Valerio Pajon)
SATURDAYS AT 8:15 AM (Valerio Pajon)
SATURDAYS AT 12:30 PM (Valerio Pajon)
SATURDAYS AT 2:30 PM (Valerio Pajon)
SUNDAYS AT 1:15 PM (Valerio Pajon)
SUNDAYS AT 5:15 PM (Valerio Pajon)


If you are interested in joining our studio, now is the time to get in touch. Even if these openings don't work for you, our availability changes every week and we are always interested in hearing from interested students. Reach out and contact us! We'll talk through your goals, interests, and schedule needs and do our very best to find a place for you.